Easy hike in the park

This is an easy hiking tour, suitable for everyone with average physical conditions and no experience needed on this hike we will enjoy the peace and scent of the pines, the unique 5-needled pine (Pinus peuce) Balkan endemic pine typical for Pelister, the oldest National Park in Macedonia. learn about the biodiversity of the National Park Pelister and discover secret spots with breathtaking views of surrounding mountains that you’d be unlikely to find without a guide.

*Length of the tour is: 10km. *Duration of the tour: 3-4 hours. *Starting point 1420m.
*Ending point altitude: 1800m. *Height Difference: 400m.

Pelister big Lake

This is one of the most popular hiking trails in the park. Trademarks of Pelister National Park are the Molika pine tree, stone rivers, clear spring waters, and especially the Big and small mountain lakes also known as Pelister Eyes. This is an enjoyable and unique opportunity for all kinds of outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy mountain landscapes and surroundings. The trail starts from weekend settlement Nizopole at 1170 meters and passes through mountain pasture areas covered in grass and blueberry covert and beautiful views of surrounding mountains. The hike takes around 3 hours. up to the Big Lake 2218m. where we will rest and enjoy the coast of the lake.

*Length of the tour up and down is: 12km.
*Duration of the tour: 6-7 hours. *Starting point 1170m.
*Ending point altitude: 2218m. *Height Difference: 1050m. *Difficulty of the tour – Moderate.

Pelister Peak and two Mountain Lakes

If you want to see the most of Baba mountain with the peak Pelister and on your way to visit two mountain lakes called Pelister eyes this tour is for you. One full-day tour of hiking is around 24km. and you need to be in good shape to be able to hold one day of hiking with several short breaks. The starting point is the Info Center of National Park Pelister at 1360m. Most of the trail passes through a high mountain area magnificent relief form is comprised of a large number of stone blocks, river rocks, and beautiful views. From the peak, Pelister the trail continuously descends through high mountain pasture areas, passes by the small lake at 2180m. and gradually climbs to the big lake at 2218m. The end of the tour is at the village of Nize Pole from the other side of the mountain at 1170m.

*Length of the tour is: 24km. *Duration of the all tour 9-10 hours. *Starting point: 1360m. *Ending point altitude 2601m. *Height Difference: 1240m. *Difficulty of the tour: Moderate/Chalenge.

Maloviste village

Maloviste is a village in the Municipality of Bitola, 20 kilometers away from the city of Bitola. It is a mountain village at the foot of Baba Mountain and is the only settlement within the National Park Pelister. Maloviste is a unique village with authentic architecture the village has beautiful large houses built of stone in the traditional way. Fingerprint old architecture preserved old cobbled streets it looks like time had stopped here. Maloviste village has many venerable Christian Orthodox churches and invaluable historical landmarks. These regions have numerous recreational activities. With easy hiking we can visit all the old churches in the village and his area, with moderate mountaineering we can climb surrounding mountain peaks St.Spas and Vrteska Peak 2010m. Mala cuka peak 2009m. and Golema cuka peak 2179m.From the peaks from one side we have beautiful views of Pelister mountain and from the other side Prespansko lake with views of Albanian and Grek part of the lake and mountains border with Albania and Greece it’s really stunning.

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